How To Join


Within the WCA we have four types of membership;

1. Club/Group where a club, or group is registered, through which individual students can be registered and receive their own WCA Licence and Grading & Record Book. It is also possible to get WCA approval for the group’s syllabus with this level of membership. (Application Form 1)

1a. Student Members – individual students, who are registered with us through their WCA club membership and submitted to us by their Chief Instructor

3. Associate Instructorswho join as individuals and not through the club route. (Application Form 2)

4. Associate Membersindividual students, who join us, but who are not members of a WCA registered club. (Application form 2)

So membership is very much on traditional lines, except that we recognise that there will be many Instructors, whose clubs are already part of another organisation, that would welcome individual Instructor membership (Associate Instructor) with the WCA, which we have catered for.

The costs are as follows;

1. Club/Group registration (this includes the individual membership of the club/group’s Chief Instructor) which includes the WCA Club Certificate, Chief Instructor’s WCA Instructor Certificate and the Chief Instructor’s Grading & Record Book. This cost includes the first 20 students registered.£200.00

1a. Club Student individual membership £ 10.00

2. Associate Instructor, who will receive the Instructor Certificate and Grading & Record Book. £75.00

3. Associate Members, who will receive their Grading & Record book.   £35.00

For more information Download the WCA brochure pdf and the Application forms from  the link here – WCA-Info-Pack andWCA App Form1 orWCA App Form2

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